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Weekend Getaways in Tura

Apart from Peaks, Waterfalls, Sanctuary, Parks, there are also other adventurous and mysterious places to visit in Tura. While you are staying in Tura, you can also go out for a picnic with your family to the amazing picnic spots present here. Following are the perfect weekend getaways in Tura :


Chibragre is located in West Garo Hills District. It is a perfect picnic spot with lush green surroundings and breathtaking beauty.

Famous Picnic Spots in Tura, MeghalayaMeaning of Chibragre -
Chi = water
bra = join
gre = hill or place

It lies at the junction of two rivers, the Ganol and Rongram, just 9 kilometers from Tura on the Tura-Guwahati road ; a pictorial place which is very popular among picnickers and anglers alike. The river Ganol springs from Nokrek Peak which flows firmly eastward with fishes in it and is also believed to be the home of the mythological Sangkni and Nanil or water serpents. Huge rocks that surround pools with deep caves and hollows underneath is what the river holds.


If mystery entertains you then a trip to the Garo Hills can offer you some adventure. According to the Garos they believe that an elusive Mande Burung or Jungle Man roams the forests of Garo Hills, just like Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti and others in different parts of the world. Documentation on this has been done on a large scale with recent visits of correspondents from History Channel (Monster Quest), The BBC News Channel, and others.


Sasatgre is located on the hilly area at the foot of the Nokrek peak, in the West District of Garo Hills. Sasatgre village is accessible by a jeep on road from Oragitok village, which lies on the Tura-Asanangre-Williamnagar State highway. Weekend Gateway in Tura, MeghalayaThe distinctive feature of this village is that though all the houses are built in the typical Garo Pattern and design, yet they are spacious, well-built, airy, and firm. The winds of change, development and prosperity have not changed the way of life of the Sasatgre villagers and they continue to be the repository of undiluted Garo culture, tradition, custom, and convention. Sasatgre has been sanctified by nature and the village is surrounded by healthy, dark green and orange bushes, which are highly productive. The village now falls on the outskirts of the Nokrek Gene Sanctuary-cum-Biosphere Reserve.

Typical Garo Villages:
  • Sasatgre Village, West Garo Hills
  • Chidaogre Village, West Garo Hills
  • Sadolpara Village, West Garo Hills