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Tura Tourist Places

A splendid hill stands on the eastern flank of Tura, the biggest town in the Garo Hills region of the State. Tura is the second significant hill town in Meghalaya after Shillong. It peaks about 872 metres above sea level over looking Tura. It is said that the peak provides a sacred abode for the ‘Gods’ and claims that it was traditionally known as Dura but the British mistook it for Tura, before it came to be known as such.

As Tura hill and its peak constitute the water catchments area of Tura town, the whole Tura range has been acknowledged as a reserve-forest. Garo Hills as a whole region forms a sort of undulating plateau with plenty of valleys and flat lands with altitudes varying from 100-1400 meters above sea level, with Nokrek being the highest point, i.e.1418 meters.

The districts has an exquisite and unique flora and it is supposed to be the original home of the Citrus. All these wonders of nature, nevertheless, go largely unnoticed as this beautiful spot does not find mention in any tourist brochure whatsoever. There are a lot of places to explore in Tura: the peaks like Tura Peak and Arbella Peak.

Falls like the Rong’bang Falls, Pelga Fallsparks, villages, parks, sanctuary etc. You can explore not just tourist places but along with visits to these places you can see the rich traditions and culture of the people from food, clothes, customs, festivals etc. If you come to Tura or while your stay at Tura you have to visit the places as well as experience the culture of the people here.