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Economy of Tura

Since independence the economic scenario has developed a lot. The local governments as well as the central  have adopted different schemes for economic development. The District Council was made under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India to preserve the traditional way of life of the people, to assure them from exploitation by others, and to make them leaders of their own progress. To guarantee speedy development, the tribal development blocks came into existence. Inducement provided for cash crops and efforts made to promote terrace cultivation have produced some results. The loss of fertility, communication bottleneck and soil erosion are, however, among the problems obstructing economic growth.

The occupational flexibility is a noticeable event. The literacy rate is increasing and the educated gentry is involved in professions other than traditional agriculture. Many are working outside Garo Hills. Some are rich farmers, taking advantage of the official schemes. The democratic political system is multi-tier has convinced many into whole-timers in politics. The contractors compromise the wealthy class. The growth of population and markets stimulate many to set themselves in business. Poultry and diary bee keeping, farming and are practiced. Apart from agriculture like any other districts, Tura has developed in many fields, especially in the field of IT sector. It has many schemes and programmes that have helped a lot of the unemployed in this district.